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Top 5 most favorite | best smelling fragrance notes

What’s up, ladies and gents? Welcome to my today’s article of top five most favorite best smelling fragrance notes(Fragrance Oil). Do you want to see the top five best springs commercials with sexy woman with charismatic men in suits? Or do you want to see awesome packaging awesome bottles, and no, we went for the most interesting topic, the most intellectual topic. I’m very proud I chose this, in fact, the top five most favorite best smelling fragrance notes, in my opinion. Alright, so I have a few honorable mentions. I of course have my five favorite fragrance notes (Scent).

Honorable Mentions

So you will find, for example, a note like cardamom, which is one of the best fragrance notes on the planet, in my opinion, only as my honorable mention because to me, it only smells in if you mix it well with other notes. And so you get a masterpiece like la nuit de l’homme out of it, for example. Okay, so I really chose these fragrance notes and how great they smell if they are all by themselves if there’s nothing else. Before we come to that, obviously guys, my new discovery always letting you guys know what I’m wearing today, and today it’s one of the cheapest fragrances I own.

Fragrance of the day with Cardamom note

It’s Aspen by Coty Cologne. It smells like fresh mountain air. Some people could also say it smells like fresh fabric softener. Or some people would simply say it smells like Davidoff cool water slash green, Irish tweed, green Irish tweed, obviously the luxurious version of the three it is the longest-lasting version of the three I would expect that this (Aspen by Coty Cologne) sadly does not last for a long time. But guys, to me as a freak sorry to say that but to me, Aspen is the best smelling out of these three. I just love the freshness of this thing. And you know what, guys? I experiment a lot here in the office with not long-lasting fragrances.

The Fragrance Complements

I got a compliment for that one already. So I love this one. But definitely, this does not perform at all, like seriously anything. This is more of a fun job fragrance if you want to see people who look Whoa, this is how fresh mountain air smells. Green Irish tweed, obviously a bit more on the green side. Otherwise, pretty similar to that one. And cool water as the bottle already suspects is a bit more on the bluish side of things, but generally, they all share the same scent character. What’s the main note and all of these perfumes violet leaf and violet leaf are fantastic flowery nod, it does have this nice watery aspect. You also find it in Paco Rabanne Invictus aqua, stunning watery fragrance, love it so much, got so many backup bottles of that one. But yeah, the scent of the day, Aspen Cologne.

Essential Oil

This is the fragrance note of the rose. And this, by the way, is Turkish rose if you don’t know you have obviously rose,  you have Turkish rolls you have Moroccan rolls you have all kinds of different roses. If you didn’t know, guys, Rose pure rose oil is the third most expensive fragrance oil that we have on the planet. It ranges between $4000 to $7,000 per one liter, so it’s immensely expensive. We only have two ingredients that are even more expensive than rolls. Of course, it has to be in it one fragrance that I would say is the best roll scent on the planet. You see guys I will always show you fragrances that have these particular notes insight. Guys, the fragrance that I’m going to show you right now is the best pure rose scent that we humans have on this planet

The Best Rose Scent

I’m very sure that 99% point nine of you guys have never heard about this upcoming fragrance. But this scent of this rose fragrance smells more authentic like rolls than pure rose oil. That’s 100% signed by me the upcoming fragrance now smells more authentic like a pure rose flower than real rose oil and that thing is called Eau De Parfum Tea Rose very untrusting name very untrusting fragrance bottle. But this is it guys if you want to have a pure rose flower in your face a smash your head and don’t talk guys smash your head. And don’t talk.

The biggest fragrance noobs that have no idea about fragrances are many people that come into my office, I show them this thing. They’d be like what the hell, similar reactions like you get to orange sanguine by Atelier cologne with that pure orange vibe.  That’s exactly the reaction you will get with Eau de Parfum tea rose, not kidding you. 

You can close your eyes. You can close your mouth. Likewise, you can close your ears. You can’t close your nose for a long time. You have to smell fragrances that are unbeatable, Unbelievable.

The Flowery Feminine

Okay, the next honorable mention that we have guys is also feminine, not this note is the beautiful ylang ylang and hear my favorite ylang based fragrance. The girls know it’s ylang in gold by Micallef. Flowery feminine border lining Gorman dish fragrance note, a fantastic fragrance note. Ylang ylang What a gorgeous almost hand cream-like fragrance note again I chose these notes on how great they smell all alone, so this could be definitely simply be used as a one-man show for a fragrance pure ylang oil mix with alcohol and water it would be great already okay.

  Next honorable mention that we have the last honorable mention that we have, and that one is not vanilla, but that one is benzoin is a fragrance note that not too many people know about, but it relates very much to vanilla, but to me, benzoin smells like dirty sexy sexual boozy vanilla is how benzoin smells to me.

The Benzoin Fragrances

Givenchy Pi is a fragrance where you find Benzoin in quite a nice dose. Also, by the way, spiritueuse double vanilla by Guerlain. Double vanilla one time you have the normal vanilla second thing they mean the benzoin the vanilla-ish kind of fragrance note and guys benzoin is obviously a resin very seductive you feel it that it’s a quite sticky resin whenever I want to open up this thing. Sometimes I can’t even open it because it’s so sticky. Man, this is overwhelming, this is positively overwhelming.

The main fragrance notes list

Okay, guys, let’s spin, and let’s start off with the top five list of the best fragrance notes, man I’m taking my time with this from now on guys. The days are over where to cut, bam, bam, bam to make it mass appealing either you’re on my track either you’re on my fragrance journey or you’re not. I’m not mad at you, but I’m doing this full-on. I’m not trying to be like, Hey, let’s grab everybody. We’re talking fragrances, and now we’re talking about the best fragrance notes.

So number five spot is a legendary note. We could silence right now for the next 10 minutes for this fantastic fragrance note, and I would not be joking. This is one of the best fragrance notes on the planet, guys. Plain and simple. Number five spot, mint. Pure mint. There have been studies that girls do like the scent of mint on man cinnamon, and I think vanilla. I can be mistaken with vanilla, but cinnamon and mint was definitely inside there. And of course, mint symbolizes clean, fresh, men fresh out of the shower. Nobody needs to explain to you how this toothpaste smells, everybody knows the scent of mint. And now I’m really showing you fragrances that are dominant on that fragrance note, Of course fragrance like BLEU DE CHANEL have also a dose of mint, but they’re not based on the note of mint.

Dominant Mint Fragrances

Here are two fragrances that are really based on the note of mint and that are very fantastic. We got menthe fraiche and Cartier roadster cologne. But before you’re blind by these perfumes guys, you have to know one problem with mint fragrances. Mint fragrances usually don’t last long. Because that scent molecule of mint is so light, so transparent, evaporates so fast and that’s why you don’t have a lot of time to enjoy this gorgeous scent of mint. And that’s why the note of mint is mainly used just as a nice benefit and the top note, so just make it Hey, mass appealing minty oh the girls think fresh out of the shower man. But not many fragrances are based on the note of mint, but I’m talking here about my personal five fragrance notes, and this is definitely 100% in it.

The Wood Fragrance Note

So that’s mint, we keep going with another very popular fragrance note that is used in so many fragrances. It’s unbelievable. I’m talking about my favorite wood fragrance note, of course, sandalwood. Now, how fantastic is sandalwood? Can somebody explain to me in the comments how delicious sweet, Woody charming? This is charming, would wear sandalwood is this kind of seducer man. This charming seducer Cedar wood would be the alpha male. Come on pipe. And Sandra What is this Pierce Brosnan, kind of James Bond guy in the way on how it smells very charming, alluring, laid back seductive awesome. My favorite would note sandalwood.

Next one right here that many of you don’t know, and this one is a purely synthetic fragrance note, I’m talking about Ethylmaltol. This fragrance note is going in the direction of caramelized sugar. I mean you see a lot of fragrances that have the fragrance note of caramel or dark chocolate and Italian dessert, of course, you can’t take Italian dessert, put it in a fragrance oil extraction machine and get some fragrance oil out of that that does not exist. But thankfully we have amazing scientists that make great fragrance notes and whenever we talk about Gourmand fragrances.

Gourmand fragrances

Two of my favorite Gourmand fragrances. Where this note is used, Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo and pure malt by Thierry Mugler. These two I would mention when we’re talking about awesome gourmand fragrances. Alright, so number three spot of my favorite fragrance notes is Ethylmaltol.

Number two, fragrance note is my number two most favorite fragrance note, and it is the number one most used fragrance note on the planet in perfumery. No other fragrance note is more used than this fragrance note in the history of fragrances, and we’re talking about Bergamot. It’s the all-mighty Bergamot guys. Fantastic Bergamot has a bit of everything. Man, this is mass appealing. It smells a bit like a sweet lime mixed with bitter orange. It does have a slightly floral aspect. And guys, here I don’t even show you a fragrance that is based on the note of Bergamot.

Gourmand fragrances

Of course, there are fragrances that are even based on the note of Bergamot, like atelier cologne bergamot Soleil. It is again the most used fragrance note in perfumery Bergamot because of its awesomely mass-appealing vibe. It’s cheap and production. Almost everybody loves it. No further questions are needed. It has established its way in the perfumery, and for a good reason. It’s just incredible. So again bergamot is my number two favorite most favorite fragrance note used and almost all fragrances rhetorically speaking.

Okay guys, we keep going with the number one spot what could be the number one spot of my most favorite best smelling on their own, really singularly on their own smelling fragrance notes. It’s a fantastic fragrance note, and it actually is a clone, a synthetic clone of the most expensive fragrance note that we humans have on this earth. And it’s a clone of Ambergris, which is speaking in a kind of funny way. Well, puke. It definitely has to do something with the whales, they eat something they puke it out, it becomes some brown yellowish-white stone, and that is transported into the perfumery. And one drop of that ambergris costs $5 One liter $200,000 and more the most expensive fragrance note on the planet. And this one is a synthetic version of that one. Awesome guys. My number one most favorite fragrance note is Ambroxan.

The Ambroxan Fragrance Component

Dude, what an awesome name is that Ambroxan it has to search now the Internet if this URL is still free, Man, this should be a company name of something fantastic. How does this thing smell? Well, mainly this is a fragrance note that accompanies a scent in a very nice way. Oh, oh, man. This is so inoffensive yet present. Yet sexy yet unoffensive. Woody transparent clean sexy has character, not a boring woody note. Semi watery. Just smell it guys if you have the chance to smell it, but again, it actually is not a note that stands on its own. It’s more of a note that accompanies a big component of a fragrance.

Fragrances Based on It

I’m going to show you two fragrances that one of those fragrances has this synthetic Ambroxan inside and the second fragrance has actually real ambergris side, both are one of my most complimented fragrances. Top of my most complimented fragrances, maybe it has to do something with this mysterious well puke note. Guys, Creed Aventus and Dior Sauvage. Obviously, the cheaper one is Dior Sauvage uses a heavy dose of Ambroxan and Aventus uses as they say real Ambergris. Fragrances are immortal, don’t talk Rolex, and don’t talk Ferrari. Fragrances are the thing that really changed the world. I’m telling you, that man that’s unbeatable.

So Ambroxan my favorite fragrance note again here many fantastic fragrances also for women use Ambroxan. This one has a nice dose of Apple, and Ambroxan, the Dolce Gabbana Light blue it also helps fragrances to last longer and just gives it a nice, round. Woody’s sexually appealing edge.