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The Italian luxury goods company Bvlgari was founded in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris. The firm name is derived from the last name of the founder, and since the letter “V” in the word is the Latin classical alphabet character for the letter “U,” the word is simply pronounced “Bulgari.” Perfume Elegance provides cheap and affordable Bvlgari fragrances for women and men. The most reliable online Bvlgari Fragrances retailer in Canada and America is Perfume Elegance if you’re looking to buy cheap fragrances online or shop for branded discounted scents.

Bvlgari Man in Black Essence Perfume

The Amber Spicy scent for men is Bvlgari Man in Black Essence from Bvlgari. In 2017, Bvlgari Man in Black Essence was introduced. Alberto Morillas is the man behind this fragrance’s nose. Spices and rum are the top notes, followed by flowers and musk in the centre, and oriental notes, resin, and guaiac wood in the bottom.

The Bvlgari Man in Black Essence is necessary for spiciness that will wrap your pulse points. Rum and spice aromas dominate the beginning. Flowers and musk are added to the mixture by the heart. Oriental undertones, gum guaiac, and resin make up its basis.

Bvlgari Man in Black Essence 2

Bvlgari Man Extreme Cologne

Bvlgari Extreme (Bulgari) will awaken your senses, and you’ll enjoy its all-day creamy texture. The powerful top notes of grapefruit zest, coriander spice, and fresh green tea dominate the opening of this tart masterpiece. Neroli and petit grain deliver the delicate sweetness of honey and rose, while bergamot and lavender add a steadying tone.

The smokey, fresh, tangy scent of gaiac wood and balsam fir, as well as the spices cardamom and pepper, warm the core of this fragrance. Rose essence is brought back by Brazilian rosewood. The sombre cedar wood, earthy oak moss, and musky base notes transport you deep into the forest. The exotic flavor of nutmeg and sandalwood is added to the entire composition.

Bvlgari Man Extreme

Bvlgari Man in Black Cologne

The Bvlgari Man Black Cologne for men is an Amber Floral scent. In 2016, Bvlgari Man Black Cologne was introduced. Alberto Morillas is the man behind this fragrance’s nose. Orange Blossom, Tuberose, and Musk make up the base notes, while Amber, Benzoin, Sandalwood, and Musk make up the top notes, which are Rum, Citrus, and Green Notes.

Bvlgari Man in Black is the perfume you choose if you want a powerful scent around your pulse points. It is influenced by the creation tale for Vulcan. Given that Vulcan was the deity of the earth, this fragrance has a lot of earthy and woody notes. It begins with rum and bright spices. Iris absolute, tuberose, and leather make up the base. A foundation of guaiac wood, tonka bean, and benzoin sits on top of these layers.

Bvlgari Man In Black Cologne
Bvlgari Man in Black

Bvlgari Le Gemme Ambero Perfume

Le Gemme Ambero Cologne by Bvlgari Essential masculinity has long been regarded as something special—possibly even sacred. This has been the case since before history even began. In 2016, Bvlgari Le Gemme Ambero Perfume was unveiled as a tribute to the Phoenician god Melkart. It captures this timeless essence and adds current notes for a more contemporary take on being a man. He established the Tyrian dynasty, and from the Levant to the tip of the Iberian Peninsula, he rose to become the most revered of all gods.

A heart of robust vetiver offers warmth and a whiff of garden blossoms. Exotic, bracing ginger adds spice and heightens the feeling of warmth. Sensual and highly posh, saffron is intimate and sophisticated. Although it is shockingly hot, brilliant pink pepper is enigmatically sweet. The elegant olibanum incense smells herbal and earthy. The result is energising, brilliant, and expertly rounded for a linear smell. Luxury Italian fashion house Bvlgari is known for its magnificent jewellery and colognes that go well with it. Their perfumes are today some of the most sought-after in the world, and can occasionally be very challenging to locate.

Bvlgari Le Gemme Ambero
Bvlgari Le Gemme Ambero

Bvlgari Le Gemme Onekh Perfume

Bvlgari Le Gemme has an air of assurance, strength, and almost carefree vitality. For men with a sense of adventure who prefer a feeling of mystery than garish brilliance, Onekh fragrance was introduced in 2016. Onekh, an ancient Levantine name for the majestic and nearly indescribable beauty of Middle Eastern black onyx, is as ageless as its sounds. Bright Mandarin orange essence has a captivating and upbeat quality. Exclusive Laotian oudwood is incredibly sensuous and alluring, more precious than gold ounce for ounce. Warm smoked labdanum offers a strong leather note and a touch of animalistic passion.

This perfume, like the jewel, captures the enchanted light of a full moon in a dark night for an impact that is both otherworldly and beguiling. The sillage is deep, the notes are entirely linear, and the dry-down is steady and protracted. Some of the most seductive and unique outfits in the world are created by Bvlgari. Their creative designs have wowed high society for more than a century by utilising tried-and-true techniques in fresh and intriguing ways.

Bvlgari Le Gemme Onekh
Bvlgari Le Gemme Onekh


Our perfume shop carries 121 scents from the Bvlgari fashion business. The 1992 original version and the 2021 most recent edition are both available. A collaboration between Alberto Morillas, perfumers Annick Menardo, Sophia Grojsman, Jacques Cavallier, Carlos Benaim, Beatrice Piquet, Olivier Polge, Sophie Labbe, Jean-Claude Ellena, Daniela (Roche) Andrier, and Nathalie Lorson led to the creation of Bvlgari fragrances.