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We all know the Coty Perfumes very well. The real value and charm of perfume are not just inside of the bottle but also outside of it. The smell is the prime sense in our body and we use it in several ways. A nice scented individual also creates a deep impression in our mind. Whenever you smell perfume, you go through a series of thoughts, and every thought is associated with a feeling. So, the smell of your perfume also affects your emotions and mood in some ways.

In the world of fragrances, Coty is a well-known brand of all time. A multinational beauty company in French America build in 1904. With the help of its affiliates, it creates, produces, sells, and distributes fragrances, cosmetics, skincare, nail care, and both professional and consumer hair care goods. Born Joseph Marie François Spoturno, a native of Corsica, he moved to Paris and adopted the more French-sounding name of François Coty, with “Coty” a variation of his mother’s maiden name. In 2018, Coty owned approximately 77 brands. Wow, it’s huge. Coty is not only the world’s largest beauty product company but it is listed as one of the biggest names when we talk about perfumes, generating approximately 9 billion dollars in revenue in the past years.  The three divisions in the company product are beauty and body products, then the hair products and third is luxury cosmetics including fragrances, etc.

In addition to supporting several social causes, Coty and its brands claim to be working to reduce their environmental impact. To address prejudice and discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, or ethnicity, as well as to encourage self-expression, the corporation has forged a long-term alliance with the global advocacy organization Global Citizen. One of the first companies to try selling perfume to middle-class and working-class women in smaller, more straightforward bottles was Coty. Until then, perfume had traditionally been considered a luxury item for the wealthy. The plan was extremely effective, and Coty contributed to the eventual development of perfume as a global mass-market item.

La Rose Jaqueminot was the first perfume introduced by the Coty company in 1904. This was a huge risk to take but this experiment makes Coty a real game changer and it’s become a millionaire company of this single perfume. The Coty never looks behind and within a very short period, it’s become a world-recognized brand. What is the best perfume of Coty to have in your collection? Here are these.

ICI Coty Perfume for Women

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If you are a woman, smelly good is essential for you. It’s in their instinct to recognize the smell and get affected by it. ICI Coty is that smell that made you with such notes a lady surely gets attached to it. It has a pleasant smell and makes you feel fresh every time you sparkle it on yourself.

ICI Coty perfume has a sweet fruity smell. The top notes of the perfume include hesperidium fruits. This gives a sudden blast of fresh fruity cocoa smell. The middle notes are flowers, magnolia, and mimosa. After passing some time, feels like you are surrounded by a bouquet of fresh flowers. This will surely give you a feeling of freshness whole the time you are wearing this perfume. The base note of the perfume includes orchid, candy sweet, and cacao. All these included notes make this perfume a perfect smell to wear.

Next question pops up in our minds surely be that “how long does the perfume last?” In general, this depends on a variety of variables, including the chemistry of the skin, the season, and most importantly the fragrance itself. Keep in mind that seasonal conditions, like temperature and humidity, have an impact on how each person’s nose and level of sensitivity perceive the outcome. In ideal conditions, the fragrance of the perfume lasts approximately 4 to 6 hours.

Based on 36 ratings and 4 user reviews, ICI by Coty for Women is rated 9.2 out of 10. We have the following conclusions after reviewing and rating ICI: This fragrance’s intensity is gentle and stays close to the skin. With a 1-3 hour staying power, it is said to have a short lifespan. Users deem the summer months to be the best time of year to wear it. The target demographic for this scent is primarily between the ages of 26 and 55. The best time to wear it is during the daylight. most people like this scent a lot. It’s practically flawless; neither overpowering nor too subdued.

You notice this lovely, sweet scent right away. It initially smells almost candied, but it gradually develops into a floral perfume that is sweet and honey-like with a hint of spice. Although you don’t get as much of a chocolate note as one would want on the skin, there is a black powdery aroma that may be mistaken for chocolate but doesn’t have the chocolate note.

ASPEN Men BY COTY Perfumes


The perfume launched in 1989, as a man’s cologne. This is a Fougere aromatic fragrance that is the perfume a man must have in their perfume collection. The top notes of the aspen Coty perfume include green notes, like Galbanum, bergamot, and lemon. This gives a citrus fresh smell when you open your perfume. The middle notes include Lavender, Orange Blossom, Geranium, Juniper, Coriander, Cyclamen, and Jasmine. All these are mix of floral fragrances but not that aromatic. The fragrance makes you feel cheered up whole the time. The base notes include Cedar, Balsam Fir, Oakmoss, Amber, and Musk. These woody base notes make the perfume long-lasting and enhance the fresh fragrance of the top and middle notes.

One of those perfume bottle designs where the color, branding, and appearance all perfectly capture the fragrance. It has a forest-fresh scent. When it rains, I like to relax by the balcony with the door open and spray this a few times while enjoying the beauty of a large pine forest outside my window. The aroma precisely creates the right atmosphere.