Vince Camuto Homme Cologne

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Vince Camuto Homme Cologne perfectly encapsulates the spirit of a modern, self-assured man. Its well chosen elements combine to produce a multi-dimensional scent that is energising and seductive. This perfume produces an enduring impression from the first spray to the last lingering traces, making it a necessary addition to every man’s collection. Take advantage of Vince Camuto Homme Cologne’s alluring power to discover a perfume that truly captures contemporary manliness. As the fragrance settles, aromatic hints of lavender, nutmeg, and sage emerge, adding depth and sophistication. Finally, warm notes of vetiver, musk, and patchouli linger, leaving a lasting impression that is both masculine and alluring.

About the Product

Brand Vince Camuto
Fragrance Family Cedar
Fragrance Name Vince Camuto Homme
Fragrance Classification Cologne
Volume Available in 75 ml, 100 ml, 150 ml
Gender Men
Year Of Launch 2014

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Vince Camuto Homme 100 ml EDT


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