Tuberoza Perfume

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Tuberoza is a perfume created by the Turkish fragrance brand Nishane. Tuberoza Perfume is marketed for both men and women, which means that it can be worn by either gender and is considered unisex. The scent profile of Tuberoza is not specified, but it is likely to be a complex and nuanced fragrance that combines various notes to create a unique and appealing scent. To learn more about the specific notes and composition of Tuberoza, you may want to consult a fragrance specialist or try the perfume for yourself to experience its scent.

About the Product

Brand Nishane
Fragrance Family Rose
Fragrance Name Tuberoza
Fragrance Classification Perfume
Volume Available in 50 ml
Gender Men and Women
Year Of Launch 2014

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Tuberoza 50 ml Extrait De Parfum


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