Ombre Leather Tom Ford For Women and Men

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The name says it all: this Tom Ford Perfume is based on leather. Ombre Leather Tom Ford For Women and Men is a leathery, fruity fragrance. The best time to wear it is all year long, except for midsummer. However, if you’d like to wear this fragrance only during particular seasons, then you should buy it now. It is available in a variety of concentrations, including eau de parfum.

The scent starts out fresh and creamy with an almost suede-like effect. It also feels white in color and is a little unisex. It combines leathery and oriental notes with spicy, earthy, and fruity notes. It also has a saffron-infused undertone. The fragrance lasts a decent amount. Ombre Leather is an expensive-smelling scent, so it’s best to wear it with the proper dress code.

Ombre Leather opens with a hint of skin and tobacco, which gives way to an airy, floral-woods base. The leather-based accord is balanced by a touch of indole jasmine. This fragrance also has a slight dryness to it, which makes it unisex. Overall, Ombre Leather is a luxurious, versatile scent that is sure to please. It’s a great gift for a man, woman, or teenager.

Ombre Leather is one of the more affordable Tom Ford Perfumes, but it does not smell as good as Tuscan Leather. The fragrance is more airy and lighter than Tuscan Leather, but the same notes are present in both. Both scents feature fine suederol molecule. The overall effect is one of class and sophistication. It’s definitely worth the price. If you love leather, try it.


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Tom Ford Ombre Leather 100 ml EDP, Tom Ford Ombre Leather 100 ml EDP (Unboxed), Tom Ford Ombre Leather 50 ml EDP


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