Nasomatto Silver Musk Perfume

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Nasomatto Silver Musk is a seductive scent that oozes sophistication and allure.  Nasomatto Silver Musk Perfume was created by the renowned fragrance house Nasomatto, and with its distinctive note combination, it captures the senses and leaves an impact.At its core, Silver Musk embraces the essence of musk while fusing it with subtly earthy notes, traces of citrus, and floral undertones. This perfect blending results in a smell that is elegant and adaptable, making it appropriate for any setting.

The scent Nasomatto Silver Musk personifies class and beauty that never goes out of style. Its alluring combination of notes produces an odour that is quite unforgettable. This fragrance  is a tribute to Nasomatto’s dedication to creating magnificent scents that create a lasting impact, whether used during the day or for a special evening.

About the Product

Brand Nasomatto
Fragrance Name Nasomatto Silver Musk
Fragrance Classification Pure Perfume, Perfume
Volume Available in 30 ml
Gender Women

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Nasomatto Silver Musk 30 ml Extrait de parfum (Pure Perfume unboxed) W, Nasomatto Silver Musk 30 ml Extrait De Parfum (Pure Perfume) W


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