Nasomatto Nudiflorum Perfume

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Nasomatto Nudiflorum Perfume For Women:

Nasomatto Nudiflorum Perfume

Nasomatto Nudiflorum is a luxurious and captivating perfume that offers a unique and unforgettable fragrance experience. Created by the Italian perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri, Nudiflorum is a part of Nasomatto’s exclusive Black Collection, which features perfumes that are known for their bold and daring scents.

Nasomatto Nudiflorum Perfume Notes

Nasomatto Nudiflorum Perfume is a complex and sophisticated fragrance that combines floral and woody notes to create a rich and enticing scent. The perfume opens with a burst of bright and vibrant floral notes, including jasmine, ylang-ylang, and rose. These floral notes are balanced by the warm and earthy scent of cedarwood and sandalwood, which create a subtle yet intoxicating base.

As the fragrance settles, the floral notes begin to blend with the woody undertones, creating a harmonious and well-balanced scent. The overall effect is one of pure elegance and sophistication, with a hint of sensuality that lingers on the skin long after the perfume has been applied.

Perfection and Bottle Design

Nasomatto Nudiflorum Perfume, is a unisex fragrance that is perfect for anyone who loves bold and daring scents. Its long-lasting formula means that it will stay with you throughout the day, creating an aura of mystery and intrigue wherever you go. Whether you wear it for a special occasion or simply to add a touch of luxury to your daily routine, Nudiflorum is sure to impress.

The perfume comes in a sleek and stylish black bottle with a minimalist design that reflects the brand’s philosophy of understated elegance. Its simple yet sophisticated packaging makes it the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates high-quality fragrances.

About Nasomatto Nudiflorum Perfume

In conclusion, Nasomatto Nudiflorum Perfume, is a truly exceptional perfume that offers a unique and captivating fragrance experience. Its complex blend of floral and woody notes creates a sophisticated and sensual scent that is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. With its long-lasting formula and stylish packaging, Nudiflorum is a must-have for anyone who loves luxury fragrances.

Brand Nasomatto
Fragrance Family Citrus
Fragrance Name Nudiflorum
Fragrance Classification Pure Perfume
Volume Available in 30 ml
Gender Women
Year Of Launch 2018

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Nudiflorum 30 ml Extrait de parfum (Pure Perfume) W


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