Nasomatto China White Perfume

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The perfume Nasomatto China White perfectly captures the mystifying attraction of the Far East. It is an olfactory masterpiece. The user is taken on a mesmerising voyage of intrigue and elegance by this fragrance, which has been crafted with outstanding workmanship. Intoxicating tones are unveiled by China White in a seamless symphony that creates an extraordinary sensory experience.

A rush of delicate white flowers, including magnolia and jasmine, give the scent an airy and feminine aspect at the opening. The warmth of sandalwood is embraced as the perfume develops, enveloping the senses in its velvety embrace. White musk undertones and subtle spices give the blend depth and sensuality, giving a seductive scent that lingers long after the wearer has left.

About the Product

Brand Nasomatto
Fragrance Name Nasomatto China White
Fragrance Classification Pure Perfume
Volume Available in 30 ml
Gender Women

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Nasomatto China White 30 ml Extrait de parfum (Pure Perfume )unboxed W, Nasomatto China White 30 ml Extrait de parfum (Pure Perfume) W


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