Guess Seductive Homme Blue Perfume for men

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Guess Seductive Homme Blue Perfume by Guess is a Woody Aquatic fragrance for men.

Guess Seductive Homme Blue Guess for men

Launched 2012
Nose Behind this Fragrance Guillaume Flavigny
Top Notes Cardamom, Black Pepper, Citruses and Caviar
Middle Notes Sea Notes and Geranium
Base Notes Cashmirwood, Sand and Moss


Guess is expanding its Guess Seductive Fragrance line with its latest release, Guess Seductive Homme Blue. This is the second male saint in total, following last year’s Sessuctive Homme Guess. The body smells refreshing and airy.
Designed to provide the attractive Homme Blue, the man is portrayed in the following scenes: Legendary, Fascinating, Naughty, and sexy. Nose from the depths of the ocean is supplemented with spices and plant tones. Made by Guillaume Flaviny Perfume.

The top notes are citrus caviar, cardamom and peppercorn. Coral blue coral has an aqua and geranium alloys, as well as cashmere, moss and sandy bases next to it.

Fragrances such as 50ml and 100ml eau de toilette have a bath with deodorant.

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