D&G Dolce Shine Perfume

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The excitement and elegance of Dolce Shine Perfume are captured in a single bottle. Each layer of this scent, from its vivacious citrus top notes to its sensual floral centre and comfortable base, tells a tale of brightness and charm. It is a symphony of aromas that enchants the senses as it dances on the skin, highlighting the wonder of existence and inspiring wearers to embrace their inner light. Dolce Shine Perfume is a testament to Dolce & Gabbana’s artistry and workmanship, displaying their dedication to producing extraordinary perfumes that uplift the spirit.

About the Product

Brand Dolce & Gabbana
Fragrance Family Jasmine
Fragrance Name Dolce Shine
Fragrance Classification Perfume
Volume Available in 30 ml and 75 ml
Gender Women
Year Of Launch 2020

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Dolce Shine Perfume 75ml EDP, Dolce Shine Perfume 50ml EDP


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