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Datura Noir is a perfume created by Serge Lutens, a renowned French perfumer. Datura Noir Perfume was first introduced in 2001 as part of the Serge Lutens fragrance collection. The fragrance is known for its unique blend of sweet, floral, and musky notes. The main notes of Datura Noir include datura, almond, coconut, tonka bean, and musk. Datura, a poisonous plant known for its hallucinogenic properties, gives the fragrance a slightly intoxicating quality. The almond and coconut notes provide a creamy sweetness, while the tonka bean adds warmth and depth to the scent.

Overall, Datura Noir is a rich and complex fragrance that is both sensual and alluring. It is often described as a seductive and mysterious scent, with a hint of danger and intrigue. The fragrance is popular among both men and women and is often considered a signature scent for those who wear it.

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Datura Noir 50ml EDP


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