Bapteme Du Feu Perfume

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“Baptême du Feu” is a perfume created by the French luxury fragrance house Serge Lutens. The name “Baptême du Feu” translates to “Baptism of Fire” in English, which is a phrase that refers to a person’s first experience of a difficult or challenging situation. Bapteme Du Feu Perfume is described as a unisex scent that features notes of gingerbread, gunpowder, and milk. It is intended to evoke the idea of a soldier’s first time experiencing combat, which is a challenging and life-changing event.

Overall, “Baptême du Feu” is a unique and complex fragrance that is intended to evoke powerful emotions and memories. It is a popular choice among fragrance enthusiasts who appreciate bold and distinctive scents.

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Bapteme Du Feu 100ml EDP, Bapteme Du Feu 50ml EDP


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