Azzaro Club Perfume For Women

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Azzaro Club is a fragrance for women created by the designer house of Azzaro. Azzaro Club Perfume is described as a fruity floral scent with top notes of pear, orange, and black currant. The middle notes consist of jasmine, freesia, and lily-of-the-valley, while the base notes are made up of amber, musk, and sandalwood. This perfume is intended to be playful and energetic, and is suitable for everyday wear. It is available in a variety of sizes and formats, including eau de toilette, eau de parfum, and body lotion.

About the Product

Brand Azzaro
Fragrance Family Vanilla
Fragrance Name Azzaro Club
Fragrance Classification Perfume
Volume Available in 75 ml
Gender Women
Year Of Launch 2013

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Azzaro Club Perfume 75ml EDT

112 reviews for Azzaro Club Perfume For Women

  1. eFFMZnIm

    Hi, I’m new to this site and it’s my first review. I bought this fragrance today at myer ATA discounted price. I was immediately impressed with this scent. it reminds me of Hermes un sur de nil, why I don’t know, it has a sort of unripe fruit, slightly ozonic feel though it’s notes are meant to be pomegranate and passion fruit, I don’t smell this. Anyway for the price I think it’s great. I go for more bitter or gourmand scents as well.

  2. john

    Happy to buy this perfume.

  3. emilly

    Smell is soo nice. love the perfume


    I was searching this perfume for a long time. finally in my hand. love the fragrance.

  5. Smith

    service was good and get my parcel time.

  6. Evangaline Asher

    My all time favorite perfume. Thank you.

  7. Clara Grayson

    I will surely buy this perfume again my wife was so happy.

  8. Peyton Leo

    I would and will definitely buy this product again!

  9. Smentha

    Good perfume. face some issue at first to order but receive my parcel just right.

  10. Olive Noah


  11. LTEgT1IgMisxLTEtMT0xIEFORCA0Mz00Mw==

    Azzaro Club is one pf my favorite perfume of all time. I love to wear whenever I have to attend a special function, to smell different and good. Love to shop here.

  12. MCdYT1IoaWYobm93KCk9c3lzZGF0ZSgpLHNsZWVwKDE1KSwwKSlYT1InWg==

    Good perfume. Surely buy again.

  13. Nomen Lucas

    I’d never say this one is horrible in a million years. I’m not sure why this scent is so disliked by ladies. Wearing this requires a lot of self-assurance. This is fantastic! Smells young, elegant, clean, and attractive! If a woman wears this, it is clear that he is modern, trendy, has good taste, and ambition.

  14. MCJYT1IoaWYobm93KCk9c3lzZGF0ZSgpLHNsZWVwKDE1KSwwKSlYT1IiWg==


  15. Aniyah Douglas

    Nice smell, can go for it again.

  16. Jia franklin

    Great experience of buying here. Perfume is good and original.

  17. Marry Whilliam

    I am soo happy to get this perfume. My husband complementing me soo much.

  18. Katty Paul

    It was a blind buy. Soo nervous before the parcel. But it was a good decision. Perfume is in right condition and smelling soo nice.

  19. Milly Roya

    Nice! Surely buy again.

  20. Lara Luois

    At first, the smell was so perky that I felt regret to buy. But then settle down perfectly and now happy with the smell. Thank you for delivering this perfume in good condition.

  21. Rose Club

    Good experience.


    satisfied with the perfume.

  23. Kiara James

    My friend recommended me this and happy to buy.

  24. Felicity Cyrus

    Good perfume!

  25. John Carter

    This smells super weak to me and what I do smell, is nothing special. I also tried Carbon from the line and found it too weak to bother as well. I got rid of Carbon and now I’m getting rid of Black, too. I’m clearly missing what everyone raves about. I give up on the Luna Rossa line.

  26. Iris Luxiory

    Its original and smell tells everything.

  27. John Vicky

    One of the great fragrance in my collection

  28. Olivia Ginger

    Really glad to get soo many compliment because of this perfume.

  29. Maya Otto

    Regretting, Why I have not use this perfume before. Wonderful!

  30. Mia Liam

    I have used Eternity for years! I love it. My mom use to wear it all the time, so because of her, I started to use it

  31. Anonymous

    Great smell to use.

  32. Nanccy Ukrain

    The perfume is surely original and got on time. Giving three starts because to wait for order conformation for 2 days.

  33. DFAai

    I am soo in love with this smell, must buy again.

  34. Cora Jayden

    I have and will buy this product over and over! its great perfume.

  35. Isabella peter

    love the smell….

  36. David Franklin


  37. Fizzy Girl

    Must buy again. Highly recommended.

  38. Bonnie Gabriel

    I use this everyday and have received compliments regarding how good I smell! However, the last bottle I had did not last as long throughout the day as it had before. Trying another bottle and hope it will last like it used to.

  39. eFFMZnIm

    No need to think twice. just order and grab you bottle.

  40. Tena Hathway

    I was very worried for the perfume, but I got it safe and smell is also good.

  41. Eria Georgi

    Love the product. Thanks

  42. Zoe Ben

    It has been my signature fragrance forever, but I would love to see the body lotion and cream come back for layering. Sometimes I would only wear the lotion and got tons of compliments!

  43. Yonki Dutches

    I really like the product. Thank you for delivering safely.

  44. Aria Benjamin

    I bought this in duty free in Portugal recently before my travel home, and while I agree that the lasting power isn’t amazing, I love it! It’s fresh and woodsy, and I certainly detect a passionfruit note, which I find pretty unusual. Personally, I don’t like really strong scents in hot weather, so this one is perfect for me because I can pick if I want to top it up over the day or let it fade into a nice sweet soft cashmere. plus the price is inexpensive, so bonus!!

  45. Hilly Nikules

    Wowwww….Love it.

  46. Belll Hemina

    I would buy this product again.
    Use this product everyday. Great price and smells divine,

  47. Breezy Isaac

    I got the tester for a wonderful price, and my order arrived swiftly and was easy to trace, as it always is with Perfume Elegance . The aroma is lovely; I had no idea how much I adored it! It’s intriguing, a touch sweet from the vanilla, spicy, with a tinge of leather and citrus, and beautiful incense. Fragrances have a tendency to evaporate on my skin; nevertheless, this one has ideal silage on me, is perceptible but not overpowering, and lasts 6 to 7 hours. Another new favourite!

  48. Bella Smith

    Great choice for every day use.

  49. Windy Lincoln

    Nice smell, many compliments, just good all around and for any occasion.

  50. ketty Shaks

    Azzaro is my favorite perfume brand and this perfume is also very unique and attractive.

  51. Timmes Zoa

    My new love in perfumes. its Great.

  52. Patrica Levi

    My order get delayed, but thank God perfume was original and the packaging was also very good and secure. Glad to have it.

  53. Lilly Ruth

    I like the smell of perfume, and also enjoy the discount offer form the website. good experience overall.

  54. Sophia Robert

    Very attractive smell. One should buy. Recommended.

  55. Ramona Anthony

    My most complimented fragrance I wear.

  56. Sophie Hudson

    I spray just around the neck area and it last all day for special occasions.

  57. Athena Dylan

    I have no negatives about any of the products that I purchased

  58. Tinna franklin

    I like the smell, buy again

  59. Astarte Aibek

    Most favorite Fragrance.

  60. Henry Smith

    I enjoy wearing this perfume both day and night. I find it lasts and has a wonderful sexy and sensual perfume, would highly recommend it.

  61. John Murefu

    My favorite perfume which has been discontinued So happy to find it here

  62. Maria Curry

    One of the great fragrance!!! Great smell

  63. Adam Smith

    Azzaro perfume is a great choices for those people who living married life.

  64. Amara Jaffar

    Perfume Elegance is my ‘go-to’ site for all my fragrance purchases. Great products, great prices, excellent service.

  65. Maggie Macduff

    I use this perfume many times its fragrance is long lasting. When i use this scent everyone ask me about this perfume.

  66. Bella Jones

    She won’t wear any other scent and I never get tired of it.

  67. Sandra Freeman

    I just love it!!!!!! my mom in law love it too…so I haD to go to the retail store to buy it because she couldn’t wait ti have it….. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!

  68. Marcia Cordell

    I wear it almost every day, and have done for over 20 years, and still get regular compliments.

  69. Veenita Gupta

    I use it almost daily

  70. Suzuki Alam

    Wife likes the scent, she has used it for a number of years. Not easy to find except on Perfume Elegance

  71. Emma Johns

    I especially love this product because of my late mother who used to have it so when i smell it i remember her and i start to remind the time spent together so yes i totally adore this perfume !

  72. Sophia James

    This will be my signature perfume. And I will buy here again

  73. eFFMZnIm

    I will surely buy this again.

  74. Ava Eibak

    Pleasant smell. happy with the purchase.

  75. Lillian Kieffer

    Azzaro Club Perfume is my signature scent. Its smell is very long lasting, when i wear everyone ask me about the scent.

  76. Lucy Mccormick

    I’ve been using it every day for years. I always get compliments on the smell. I put it on every morning and don’t even realise I’m wearing it.

  77. Lillian Kieffer

    Great scent for special occasions

  78. Joanna Murray

    I use azzaro club perfume night. It has long lasting fragrance

  79. Elaina Mya

    Azzaro Club Perfume is a great perfume and I would recommend my friend to buy this perfumee on Perfume Elegance.

  80. Carlota Fainda

    Azzaro Club Perfume is perfect for winter and summer. Very nice and smell fantastically….and the price is that low..can’t compare with others from same lot.

  81. James Charles

    I got this perfume as a gift on Charismas. When i wear everyone ask me about the scent.

  82. James Richard

    I have used Azzaro Club Perfume again and again. I got lot of compliments when i wear it.

  83. Fiona Norris

    I wear this perfume every day and am frequently asked what it is that I am wearing because it is so lovely. It looks good on me and I enjoy wearing it. I’ve been using it every day for years and I still adore it.

  84. Josi Aly

    My favorite Perfume all the time!!!! Love it.

  85. Serenity Orlando

    convenient price, every day use

  86. Erica Miller

    I began wearing this in 1985 as a gift from my daughter. It is the ONLY fragrance I wear, and I am constantly complimented on it. “You smell wonderful; what are you wearing?” It works perfectly with my body chemistry; I use EVERYTHING from soap to lotion to deodorant to perfume. It’s never overpowering; it’s just pleasant. I’d love to find the body powder again!!

  87. Lucy Martin

    I use this product on a daily basis, especially during the winter. It may be too strong for the extremely hot summers.

  88. Roman Line

    I love Azzaro Club Perfume. it is one of my favorite, I have been using Azzaro Club for years, so thank you Perfume Elegance for selling Azzaro half price

  89. Jerry Frank

    Great Perfume at good Price

  90. Luca Austin


  91. Julia Gisella

    I wore this perfume to work every day because it is MY perfume. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have discovered a perfume that complements my chemistry and always garners compliments when I wear it. Thank you very much.

  92. Jonas Roe

    I use the product daily. The scent is intense and long lasting. Have to be careful not to use too much. Almost 30 years old and still very lovely scent.

  93. Aubree Mcbride

    This is the only perfume that I get compliments with when worn, so know it is the only perfume and lotion I wear.

  94. Darci Chandler

    Great Price, Freat Product, I will definitely be ordering more in the future

  95. Shalini Cincognito

    I use Azzaro Club perfume first time this is very long lasting

  96. Michelle

    I bought this as a gift have not personally used it

  97. William

    I use this product everyday, Perfume Elegance is the best website for value and service. I will use again and again!

  98. Marcus Brown

    Azzaro Club Perfume makes me happy when i wear it.

  99. Mascolo Alessandro

    My wife uses Azzaro Club Perfume daily. She won’t use any other scent and at this price she doesn’t have to.

  100. Janifir Janfir

    Some products are very strong and over powering, but not this one. I have received many compliments since I have been using this product.

  101. Ellis Harkins

    I use Azzaro Club Perfume everyday and just love it.

  102. Emma Rhys

    Great long lasting perfumee

  103. Sophie Robert


  104. Amelia James

    Fragrance is a part of my day. It always helps to start my day with a spritz of something lovely. I was concerned since the price of the Azzaro Club I ordered was so good….was it actually the real thing? It was! It’s long lasting, and the same ‘rich and lovely’ fragrance I remember years ago, and I am totally pleased. […] I’m looking forward to ordering again as soon as I see another great price on other classics and even a few of the newer fragrances that I enjoy.

  105. Marla John

    I go to a restaurant with a group and the waitress will ask what smells so good. Everyone will comment on what they are wearing…but it’s always my GIORGIO that they love!! It’s the ONLY fragrance I’ve never gotten tired of. I started wearing it in the 80’s and hopefully it will still be around till I die!!!

  106. Janiffer Edgar

    Very nice scent for all occasions, I really love it

  107. Jesi Lia

    Azzaro Club Perfume is perfect for day and night. its smell is very long lasting.

  108. Marley Faye

    1 use this perfume every morning after shower.

  109. eFFMZnImJ3x8Jw==

    Smell of this fragrance is great but it is not long lasting

  110. Wyatt

    A classical long lasting smell. Once it feel so harsh but slightly settle down with your body and feel a warmth light smell whole time. happy to buy.

  111. Trevor Shepherd

    The tester offers you a very affordable opportunity to have a classic great scent! It does not come with a topper on the bottle, but it does not affect anything.

  112. Pishu

    I bought this at duty-free in Portugal recently before my flight home, and while I agree that the lasting power isn’t amazing, I love it! It’s fresh and woodsy, and I certainly detect a passionfruit note, which I find pretty unusual. Personally, I don’t like really strong perfumes in hot weather, so this one is perfect for me because I can pick whether to top it up over the day or let it fade into a wonderful sweet soft cashmere scent, plus the price is inexpensive, so bonus!

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