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Prada was founded by brothers Mario and Martino and specialized in leather goods, imported English steamer trunks, and handbags. Prada Perfumes debuted in the market in 2003 with a limited run of numbered artisan fragrances focusing on a single note. In 2004, they released their first women’s perfume, the modern and distinctive Prada Amber. These were not the company’s last fragrances to be released. Prada’s Luna Rossa Black Perfume for Men, L’eau Ambree Cologne by PRADA, Prada Luna Rossa Sport Cologne, Prada’s Luna Rossa Carbon fragrance, Prada Candy Perfume by Pradaand other best-selling Prada fragrances Purchase the most recent and best-selling Prada Perfumes and Colognes at a discount from Perfume Elegance.

Luna Rossa Black Prada Cologne

Prada’s Luna Rossa Black for Men is an Amber Woody fragrance of Prada Perfumes. In 2018, Luna Ross of a Black was introduced. Daniela (Roche) Andrier created this fragrance. Bergamot is the top note; Angelica and Patchouli are the middle notes; and Coumarin, Amber, and Musk are the base notes. This alluring aroma, the sixth in the Luna Rossa series, is unquestionably deserving of the monitor. The Prada Luna Rossa Black Cologne is a daring, manly scent that was inspired by the brand’s illustrious Luna Rossa sailing challenge.

Prada Luna Rossa Black Perfume has a moderate sillage and works well during the chilly fall evenings. Its bold fusion of spicy and zesty elements warms up any outing. Prada luna Rossa Black is an adventurous masculine aroma inspired by the company’s legendary Luna Rossa sailing challenge enticing aroma, the seventh in the Luna Rossa collection, is certainly deserving of the name. This long-lasting fragrance with a moderate sillage that warms up any outing with a daring blend of spicy and citrusy notes is at its best during the cool fall nights.

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Luna Rossa Black Perfume

L’eau Ambree by PRADA Fragrances

L’eau Ambree Perfume by Prada, if you like the smell of amber but find it too strong, Prada L’eau Ambree is the perfume for you. It was released in September 2009 and has a lighter, more nuanced scent that can be worn at any time. Aside from amber, it also has rose de mai, vanilla, patchouli, opoponax, and citron notes.

Prada has been around for over a century and is now one of the most well-known fashion brands. This fragrance is famous for its minimalistic designs and use of synthetic fabrics, and some of the world’s biggest stars have worn the company’s clothes and shoes. However, the brand is new to the fragrance industry. It launched four scents exclusively in its flagship stores in 2000. In 2004, the brand released its first widely available perfume. It first collaborated with Puig to sell and produce its fragrances, and it has since launched a line of Miu Miu scents as well.

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Prada L’eau Ambree Perfume

PRADA Luna Rossa Sport Eau de Toilette

Prada Luna Rossa Sport Cologne is a Prada fragrance. Prada Luna Rossa Sport was introduced in 2015 by Prada and perfumer Daniela Andrier. The Prada Luna Rossa Sport fragrance is ideal for everyday men’s cologne. The scent’s top notes are ginger, lavender, and juniper berry. The middle layer features toasty hay and amber notes. The base notes, which include vanilla, heliotrope, and musk, are rich and silky. This cologne is sporty and light, making it ideal for active men looking for a little fragrance in their day.

This fragrance was created by Prada as part of its line of refreshing men’s fragrances. Mario Prada founded the company in 1913. He and his brother, Martino, opened a small boutique in Italy. The shop specialized in leather goods and high-end luggage. Eventually, the company expanded to sell clothing, handbags, and Fragrances. The company has been in the family for decades, and Miuccia, Mario’s granddaughter, is still in charge.

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Luna Rossa Sport Cologne

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon EDT for Men

Prada’s Luna Rossa Carbon fragrance for men is an Aromatic Fougere. In 2017, Luna Rossa Carbon was released. Daniela (Roche) Andrier created this fragrance. Bergamot and pepper are the top notes; lavender, metallic notes, coal, watery notes, and soil tincture are the middle notes; and ambroxan and patchouli are the base notes. A carbon cologne with coal at its heart, blended with dissonant notes like lavender, metal, pepper, and patchouli.

Prada’s skilled perfumers created the cologne Luna Rossa Carbon. It’s a truly unique scent for men who want to make a bold statement, and Perfume Elegance has it at a discount price. You can save up to 50% on genuine Prada Luna Rossa Carbon eau de toilette spray by ordering it here. You’ll also get free shipping if you spend $150 or more on designer fragrances.

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Luna Rossa Carbon Fragrance

Prada Candy by Prada for Women

Prada Candy is an Amber Vanilla perfume for women by Prada. Prada Candy first appeared in 2011. Daniela (Roche) Andrier created this fragrance. The top note is caramel, the middle notes are powdery notes and musk, and the base notes are benzoin and vanilla. Prepare to indulge in a flirty, fun, and energetic fragrance unlike any other! Prada Candy perfume has a name that suggests a sweet and sensual scent, but the fragrance is more intriguing than a simple sweet smell. While Prada Candy eau de parfum spray contains notes of sweet caramel, they are blended with balsamic vanilla, musky accords, and benzoin.

The distinct and regal benzoin note is made from tree resin and has a scent similar to honey and vanilla. A spritz of Prada Candy EDP will give the wearer a distinct signature that will turn heads with its sensual and vibrant aroma. The woman depicted on the box, dressed in a little black dress and flirty heels, embodies the sensation provided by Prada Candy eau de parfum spray: She’s lively, flirtatious, and always on the go. Prada Candy EDP is the perfect match for the lady who is adventurous, embraces change, and either lives or dreams of the jet-set life. Save money by purchasing Prada Candy from Perfume Elegance today!

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Prada Candy Perfume