Perfume Canada | 21 Fragrances that all women absolutely love

Perfume Canada, 21 Fragrances ALL Women ABSOLUTELY Love with High Sex Appeal. Gents, it’s all about the sex appeal. Intoxicating, sweet, sexy. Every fragrance I’m going to talk about today, the ladies will absolutely love. How do I know this? How can we guarantee this? Because, gents, we went out and pulled half the world’s population.

No! We didn’t do all that. But, we did go out there and do the research on perfume Canada. And there are certain notes that the ladies are going to be drawn to leather, tobacco, coffee, citrus notes, aquatic notes, wood notes, vanilla, frankincense, and vetiver. So, what are the fragrances that contain these notes, the fragrances the ladies say they absolutely love? Find out, gents, in today’s post.

lets get started with women killer fragrance list

Now, gents, you do want to stick around for the end of this article because I’m going to reveal what fragrance we’re wearing that is criminally underrated. Seriously, the ladies love this and for some reason, nobody seems to talk about it.

So, let’s start this off with a couple of fragrances from the house of Dior, Fahrenheit, and Sauvage. Gasoline, fresh-cut grass in a leather jacket, this is sex in a bottle. Yeah, it’s been around since the 1980s, but this has been dropping panties since the 1980s. This stuff is legit, it’s powerful, it’s strong, and not a lot of guys are rocking it. And if you’re thinking this thing is outdated, don’t.

A lot of fashion trends are coming back from the ’80s and, this, should be one of them. Bergamot, pepper, lavender, vetiver, that’s what you’re going to pick up in the first few seconds. When you get to the drydown it’s going to be the ambroxan balm. A lot of people crap on this in the fragrance (Perfume Canada) community, here’s the thing. Outside of the fragrance community especially with the ladies, they absolutely love this.

If you really want something different, maybe try the EDP or go with the parfum. Now, not to confuse you, but with these flankers, don’t expect them to be stronger versions of the original. Instead, their variations. So, the parfum, what we’re going to see if they’ve got vanilla, it’s just going to be a bit smoother. With the sandalwood, it doesn’t have the ambroxan, so this is going to be a nice alternative if, yeah, you just don’t want that ambroxan balm. And, I get it a lot of you guys want to wear fragrances that nobody else is wearing. Something that’s brand new, something that’s going to set you apart from the crowd, check out Dream Woods by Galleria Parfums.

Now, the top notes here are going to be bergamot and grapefruit. Remember, ladies like citrus. Next up, we move into the lavender and we’re going to get into the aromatics. So, this makes it really masculine, cardamom, and patchouli in this. You’ve also got vanilla. Vanilla adds to the sweetness. This is a really well-blended fragrance. It’s a niche fragrance. It’s going to be very concentrated. This is going to last for 12 plus hours. If you’re looking for a fragrance (Perfume Canada) that no one else is wearing that’s brand new, check this one out.

fahrenheit cologne by dior perfume canada
fahrenheit cologne
perfume canada

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ladies are guaranteed to love (Perfume Canada)

Now, what about fragrances that the ladies are guaranteed to love, Angel Men’s Pure Malt or Angel Men’s Pure Tonka? Now, both of these fragrances are gourmands. Right here, Pure Malt, if she likes malt, if she likes whisky, if she likes vanilla, which most women do, this fragrance right here is just absolutely amazing. It’s really simple, it’s just, yeah, going to make her want to eat you up. Guys, if you’ve never tried a gourmand, this is a great one to start with.

Now, if she’s not on any type of booze, you want to avoid that, then check out Tonka. What I like about this one, starts off with the mint, got the lavender. Again, the ladies love the lavender. Then, it gets into the coffee, gets into that Tonka bean, a little bit of vanilla as well. This one is really smooth, really nice.

perfume canada Angel men pure tonka by theirry mugler
Angel men pure tonka by theirry mugler
perfume canada Angel men pure malt by theirry mugler
Angel men pure malt by theirry mugler

Proof that you love perfumes as we do

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We’ve got a course of perfume canada that you’re going to go through and you’re going to condition yourself when you’re smelling these fragrances to actually be more committed to your goals whether it’d be waking up at 5:00 AM and going to the gym, so you can lose that 30 lbs. Or maybe just simply to be more courageous, yeah, you can do mantras, you could actually smell something. And think about events, times when you’ve been courageous.

That way whenever you’ve got to give that presentation to your boss’s boss, all of a sudden, you put on that fragrance and you feel all of a sudden better, you feel more courageous. Guys, what we’re talking about here is mixing psychology, mixing with the science of the notes, and actually creating I think the first brand that’s going to focus on creating these fragrances to help you become a better man.

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Next up in the list if you like niche

Now, if you like niche, another option is Original Santal. This is by Creed, a fragrance in the Creed house that most people never even tried and never even heard of. This one I really like. It’s great for the winter, the fall.

Sandalwood is going to be one of the dominant notes. But, you’re going to see cinnamon, you’re going to have vanilla. We’re also going to see a little bit of lavender in there, you can barely pick it up. This, again, is just going to be something that’s very cozy, very attractive to the ladies.

perfume canada Original Santal By Creed
original santal by creed

If creed is too expensive? no problem!

Now, if that Creed is way too expensive for your blood, check out Mont Blanc’s Individuel. Very similar, I’d say about 90% there and a fraction of the price. You’re also going to see Joop thrown in occasionally. This is not even in the same league. I keep this bottle around, it reminds me of fragrances I do not like.

Next up on this list, I’ve got Fierce by Ambercrombie and Fitch. This is taking us back to the 1990s. What did it smell like, walking in that store in the malls? Why did they pump that through the store? Because it worked, the ladies absolutely love the smell. And when you smell it, this thing is going to take you back. It’s aromatic, but it’s got a very strong musk to it.

perfume canada mont blanc individuel
mont blanc individuel
perfume canada joop homme
joop homme


Now, you’re going to find that these are relatively expensive, the ones, you know, with the, you know, maybe it’s the six-pack abs there. If you want to find something that is very similar.

Check out Mont Blanc Legend right there. It’s not going to be strong, not going to last as long. And if you want something a little bit higher quality, then check out Percival by Parfums de Marly. Now, again, if all those designer fragrances don’t float your boat, you want to go with something really unique.

You want to check out Virtus by Navitus Parfums. Absolutely love this one. If you like Carlisle, I’d say it’s similar, but there are a lot of differences. This is a very complex fragrance. And you notice it right in there when you look at all the notes and here, you’ve got the saffron, you’ve got nutmeg, cardamom, honey, cinnamon, mango, beeswax, tobacco, vanilla, patchouli. This is one of our favorite fragrances recommendations from the house of Navitus. Warm, inviting, sexy. This is going to make the ladies want to get close.

Now for the Surprise Fragrance

So, this next one may surprise some of you guys, but I’m putting Fragrance One Black Tie on this list. Now, when you think about this one, I think the way they were selling it is if you’re wearing a tuxedo and you’re dressed up probably nice, this is what you want to wear perfume Canada.

When I smell this, I smell this is really clean fun sex in a bottle. Let me explain. So, the citrus at the top is really what makes this clean, but immediately we get into the wood and then all of a sudden the drydown, we’ve got the patchouli, we’ve got the vetiver, we’ve got cardamom. This is an aromatic, just a really sexy clean fun perfume Canada. I mean, this one is great in my opinion is the best release to come out of Fragrance One.

Now Some other quick perfumes for you

Now, really quick, gents, I want to do a lightning round. I’m going to hit a lot of fragrances (Perfume Canada), I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, but these were on many lists out there of ladies just basically saying that they absolutely love them, so they need to be on your radar.

1 Million By Paco Rabanne. This one you’ve heard about, you’ve seen it. It’s got a very flashy bottle, but the juice is solid. Yes, it’s a designer fragrance. Tons of guys are going to wear it at the club, but when you wear it, the ladies are going to love it.

Wanted by Azzaro. This one is good, but I would check out Wanted by Night. This is going to be a flanker. It’s a little bit stronger. I like it and the juice is a little bit darker. And this one right here is a bit sweeter. Again, the ladies love it.

Versace Eros. We’ve also got the flanker back there, Flame. Both of these depending on what list you read, call these the crack cocaine of the fragrances that ladies love. And that’s the reason so many guys wear it out to the club. So, there is going to be a down part is that you go to a crowded club, there are probably few other guys wearing this. But, you know, on your skin type, it may work out really well.


Sweet Intimate Perfume canada

A fragrance that’s not everyone is going to be wearing, again, really sweet really nice intimate fragrance, this is going to be Armani’s Stronger with you. I absolutely hate the name, but I love the fragrance. This is actually really well-blended. It’s got a little bit of aromatic sweetness to it. This one is really nice.

We’ve also got Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier. You’re going to see Le Male out there and that one is really good, but Ultra Male right here, this one is going to be a little bit stronger, sweeter.

As you know Jeremy over at Jeremy Fragrance, says great things about it and to good measure because this is a solid fragrance.

And let’s not forget about Coach for Men. This one flies under the radar. It’s sweet, a bit aromatic. Nothing is going to set this thing apart except that the ladies love it and it’s a relatively safe fragrance, so the good thing is you can also wear it to the office.

Spicebomb, you’ve seen this Viktor & Rolf’s classic. Again, you’re going to see this in the clubbing scene. Again, like crack cocaine, this is going to draw the ladies in especially if you got all the other things in place. You’re dressed well, you’re attractive, and this is just going to help amplify it. If you’re not attractive, well, when you walk by, she’s going to at least say you smell good.

Bvlgari perfume collection

Over here, Bvlgari Man Black Orient. This one, very few people talk about. I think it’s a great fragrance, high on my list and this is perfect for the winter.

Now, Parfums de Marly, you’re going to see a lot of them. As you know Demi over at Demi Rawling, talks about Herod, she calls it sex in a bottle. I have to agree, it’s a solid fragrance. But, funny enough, it is not my favorite Parfums de Marly. That’s going to be Carlisle. And Carlisle, a little bit more difficult to wear than Herod, but I think it’s just as good if not better and this is my go-to winter scent.

And two more masterpieces, both of these flankers and their masterpieces for different reasons. First up, this is the parfum Terre d’Hermes. So, the original Terre d’Hermes EDP is amazing. This one, I think is a little bit better, it’s smoother. It doesn’t have strong vetiver, but this one right here, just the drydown is solid.

The Vanilla Scent

Over here, we’ve got Armani Code Absolu. The vanilla, this one is going to be one of the sweetest of the Absolu and for that reason, that’s why the ladies absolutely love this one. Now, gents, we know you got an opinion, I want to hear from you down in the comments. I can only cover so many fragrances, so we want to hear from you. Which fragrances did I miss? What fragrances will get you compliments with the ladies? Let us know down in the comments. All right, guys, so what fragrance am I wearing?

Which fragrance do I think it’s almost criminal that people don’t talk about this? And it’s an amazing fragrance that was released a few years back and really has been overlooked. Okay. So, it’s not Dolce and Gabbana’s The One, although that could have easily made the list, it makes a lot of lists, so I didn’t want to include it.

We’ve also known about Davidoff’s Amber Blend, a great fragrance. The ladies love amber. Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, again, didn’t make this list. Everyone talked about it numerous times. That is an amazing unisex fragrance that I think is very attractive. One of my favorites so far this winter. But, let’s talk about the Acqua di Gio line.

So, yes, we all know the classic Acqua di Gio right here. You’ve seen it, you’ve heard about this. Alberto Morillas’, you know, classic right there. You’ve also seen recently we had a Profondo. This one just came out, an amazing one. You’ve seen Absolu, a sweet fragrance. One that got a lot of play, but disappointed I think a lot of people don’t know about this one.

Armani Perfume Canada

Next up, Profumo (Acqua di Gio) by Giorgio Armani. This one gets a lot of attention. This is the special blend, but the Profumo, in general, is nowadays seen as a modern classic. But, I want to talk about this right here. So, the Absolu Instinct, this one right here, yes, it has a clean fresh citrus oceanic opening, but when you get down to it, this is a darker fragrance.

It’s got the amber, it’s got just a bit of dark woods and it’s those dark woods, you spray this a bit more and it’s got a beautiful drydown. And this fragrance right here, I’m just surprised that more people don’t talk about it. It is I think full-year fragrance. You can wear it during the summer, but it really is great during the winter and the fall. This is like San Francisco winter, which you would wear just going out having a great time with your friends and, yeah, just drawing the ladies in.

So, what article to write next? How about how to make your fragrances last longer? Guys, if you want to make sure that when you wear a fragrance it lasts as long as it potentially can, here where we will explain how to avoid mistakes and how to make sure that your fragrances last all day.

perfume canada Mont Blanc Legend
Mont Blanc Legend
Black tie by fragrance one
Black Tei By Fragrance One
perfume canada paco rabanne 1 million
Paco Rabbane 1 Million
davidoff amber blend
David Off Amber Blend
perfume canada
tom ford black orchid
Tom Ford Black Orchid