Michael German is a world-renowned perfumer. This perfume comes in a simple, elegant, and fun bottle. This Cologne comes in a classic clear bottle with a black topper. Michael German is creative The bottle’s exterior is quiet Michael German is an innovative perfumer. Some of the fast-moving fragrances are Very Sexual, Michel Germain Paris Perfume, Sexual Femme, Michel Germain Deauville pour homme perfume, Michel Germain Perfume Sugarful, Sexual Fresh, Sexual Noir for men, Sexual Fresh, Sexual Noir for women, Sexual Suger, Sexual Pour Homme, and Sexual Suger Daddy, Michel Germain Tattoo Perfume. Michael Germain is an award-winning perfumer known for creating luxury and sensual fragrances. Michel Germain is one of the most interesting fragrance makers in the industry.

Michel Germain fragrances are intimacy, Captive, and inspire love. His Cologne received rewards around the globe. Michel Germain perfume canada is long lasting so you won’t need to reapply throughout the day. It’s a refreshing scent that will never be too heavy. Michel Germain men’s perfume is perfect for warm hot or summer days when you need a fragrance to give you a refreshing pick-up. Michel Germain Women’s Perfume smell is very sweet and beautiful. If you wear Michael Germain perfume, everyone asks you about the perfume.

Best Selling Michel Germain Women’s Perfume are Sexual Noir, Sexual Noir Pour Homme, Sexual Paris Pour Homme. Sexual Noir by Michel Germain is a floral fruity gourmand fragrance for women. Sexual Noir was launched in 2013. The notes of Michel Germain are Big Strawberry, Lime and Mandarin Orange,  Patchouli, Sweet Pea, Orchid,  Jasmine,  Vanilla, Sandalwood, Amber, and Vetiver. 

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