Michael Jordan is an American professional basketball player. He was a basketball defensive player. Jordan made a lot of money which he invested in many projects. One of them is his cologne, which we will discuss.Michael Jordan by Michael Jordan is an aromatic fragrance for men. Steve DeMercado’s nose behind this fragrance.

Michael Jordan Parfum for men was launched in 1996. The bottle’s design is modern and sporty, with a glass basketball. This was a popular Fresh Cut Grass fragrance in the 1990s. Perfume Michael Jordan is fantastic.  It also is worn in the winter seasons and will never disappoint. Longevity and Silage for this one are so pretty. Michael is a fresh, innovative, Masculine, and comfortable perfume with a low price so you should give it a try. 

Some of the fast-moving fragrances are Jordan Drive, Jordan Power, Michael Jordan 23 Perfume, and Michael Jordan Legend. The top notes are Cedar-leaf, Grapefruit, Lemon, Cypress, Rosewood, Geranium, and Cognac. The middle ones are Green Tea, Clove leaf, Suede, Incense, Clary Sage, Fresh cut grass, Lavender, Fir Needles, and Juniper berries and the base ones are Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Musk. The composition of this fragrance is not simple and is very innovative. 

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