The house was founded in 1854 by Michal Maurer and Stepsons. Maurer & Wirtz is a German perfume company with a long history of producing perfume. This one comes in a classic black bottle with a matching topper. They represent well-known fragrances and body care products. The label and fragrance name printed in red and white font. Maurer and Wirtz’s perfume represents an active man. This is a masculine fragrance that is appropriate for both day and night. Maurer and Wirtz is an old perfume house.

The most recent edition was published in 1921. The main markets of Maurer and Wirtz are Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Maurer created four base perfumes. The house represents many other houses that produce perfume in cooperation with Maurer and Wirtz such as Carlo Colucci, TNT, Oliver, Tosca, Betty Barclay, Otto Kern, and others. Petitgrain, Bergamot, Pepper, Lemon, And Neroli are the top notes while Chamomile, Lavender, Oak, And Geranium are the middle notes, and Carnation, Sandalwood, Musk, Vetiver, And Amber are the base notes of Maurer and Wirtz. 

Maurer and Wirtz made fragrances with the collaboration of Jacques Huclier and Vincent Schaller. Some of the fast-moving fragrances are Baldessarini Ultimate, Tabac Original Craftsman, Tabac Man, and Tabac. You can find out more about this house on Perfume elegance. Tabac is the most popular perfume in the Maurer and Wirtz collection. Tabac by Maurer and Wirtz is a woody floral fragrance for men. Every Tabac contains 1000 jasmine flowers in a 30ml 

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