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Giorgio Armani is an Italian design house. He is recognized for his work for world-class fashion watches, clothing, suits, shoes, accessories, ties, fragrances, leisurewear, etc. Armani started creating fragrances in years of the 80s. We have various popular Armani fragrances in our perfumes collection. Some best-selling fragrances are Armani Code, Acqua di Gio Profumo, Armani Si, Armani Mania, etc. Like the brand says himself; Armani scents are first-rate in every way and in all aspects. Fragrances make wonderful gifts for holidays, birthdays. When you buy here on Perfume Elegance you’ll find just the right Armani fragrances for a mother, sister, spouse, or girlfriend. Get the best deals at Perfume Elegance on your favorite Armani fragrances. We sell 100% branded and genuine products.

The brand extended during the years of late 1970s and early years of 1980s, contributing a variety of collections in different price points, accessories, undergarments, jeans, and through a contract with L’Oreal, fragrance, and beauty (skincare) products. Giorgio Armani house released Armani for Women in the year 1982, and then later Armani for Men in the year 1984. These two fragrances are part of a long and successful sequence of fragrances issued by Armani. Designer Giorgio Armani has various fragrances in our perfume shop. The first initial edition was launched in the year 1981 and the latest edition is from the year 2021. Since the year 1975, Armani has supervised the launch of underwear, Giorgio Armani Junior, accessories, swimwear, and eyewear.