Elizabeth Arden was a Canada’s born nurse who had a dream to build a cosmetics kingdom. Merging tonics and creams in her cookhouse in faiths of coming upon beauty cream achievement she journeys to New York in 1908 at the age of 30 to fulfill her dream completed. The first Arden perfumes series was presented in 1934 of Blue Grass. Other well-liked perfumes of Elizabeth Arden have been a fashion beloved brand in the skincare and beauty business for periods. One of their unceasing best sellers is the Red door series. including 5th Avenue, Green Tea, Arden Beauty series, Mediterranean series, and of course, Red Door Series. Launched in 2004 at Arden’s design house, this fascinating perfume is absolutely powerful. It is the mixture of fresh notes of quince, lotus, peach, ginger, and raspberry to make an Oriental-flowery fragrance that is flawless for nowadays women. Buy online at perfumeelegance.ca the best-selling fragrances of Elizabeth Arden’s in our women’s perfume collection.

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