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Fashion designer house Christian Dior was born in France and rise to prominence heights in the designer world with the manufacture of the “New Look” capacious dresses that highlighted a woman’s curvy womanlike shape.

The designer house of Dior released fragrances to match its new style, releasing business fragrances Dior and its first perfume was launched in the year 1947, Miss Dior, named after the sister designer Catherine. We have an enormous range of colognes and perfumes by Dior at amazingly affordable prices. Popular fragrances and colognes by Dior.

Development from France began by the end of the year 1949 with the launch of a Dior’s boutique in the city of New York. At the end of the year, Dior house made up 75% of Paris’s designer exports and 5% of France’s total export revenue. Christian Dior died in the year 1957, but the designer house and fragrances houses that hold his name live on. The Dior designer brand name is well-known universal for its collections of haute couture, deluxe ready-made fragrances, cosmetics, and fashions. Today, Christian Dior is also the main holding business of the international luxury products conglomerate LVMH.

Designer house Christian Dior has 249 fragrances in our perfume shop. Dior is an old fragrance house. The initial edition was released in the year 1947 and the latest edition is from 2021. When you buy perfumes from our site, you can be confident that our goods are trustworthy and the original branded products. Best deals Guaranteed.