Who does not know Britney Spears? the shining name in the music industry and a melodious singer, songwriter, and superb dancer of America. She is a beauty with talent who is named as “Princess of Pop”. She is the childhood artist who started her career as a pop idol and became the most successful artist of the 21st century and the best pop idol of the era. Like most artists, Britney Spears also launched her perfume line and introduced some fantastic scents to us. Britney Spears perfume is known to be the best-selling perfume. This is because the marketing strategies of the company are very impressive. they always choose a different path to approach their consumers. The targeted audience of the perfumes is teens and young adults aged 14 to 35 years. enduring relationships with current suppliers Britney Spears, a long-standing participant in the market, enjoys excellent ties with its suppliers and other supply chain participants.

The color schemes of the perfumes are always vibrant and shiny. This symbolizes the emery and zeal Britney Spears wanted to spread among the youth. The Fragrance of the perfumes is just like the color of the bottles, full of charm. Britney Spears can choose between two strategies: building on her current advantages or analyzing the trend and developing two-pronged market penetration strategies. Some of the fast moving fragrances are Midnight Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy, Curious Heart, Curious perfume. The first perfume by Britney Spears was launched in 2004, named “Curious” by Britney Spear. Curious by Britney Spears is a fruity floral fragrance for young adults with an attitude that is vivacious, bright, and effervescent. The curious woman is risk-taking, romantic, independent, and mischievous. The first fragrance created by Britney Spears in collaboration with Coty Inc. was released in 2004. Public acceptance of it was immediate. The white flower and vanilla and musk undertones serve as the foundation of the composition. Fresh lotus, scrumptious pear, and magnolia are featured in the opening. Jasmine, pink cyclamen, and tuberose make up the intensely floral heart. Musk, vanilla, and priceless woods make up the sensual base.

Fantasy is known as the best-selling celebrity perfume. Floral Fruity Gourmand for women, Hidden Fantasy by Britney Spears. 2008 saw the release of Hidden Fantasy. Rodrigo Flores-Roux is the perfumer of this scent. The heart notes in this fragrance are lemon verbena, orange, tangerine, and neroli; the middle notes are sweet notes of jasmine, love, and lily; and the base notes are vanilla, amber, woodsy notes, and sandalwood. Britney spears fantasy perfume release date was 2007. The Britney spears fantasy perfume smells like . Believe women perfume by Britney Spears is a floral scent. The perfume is based on the slogan that the greatest freedom is to believe in yourself. This perfume has not launched in a traditional cute round girlish bottle, but the style was very unique like the scent.  The bottle is in a unique triangular linear angel style. This green fragrance in the bottle reflects the freshness and calmness of the scent. This perfume is just for those who aim to set themselves free and passionate. The girl just set your vibes and rock the word.