Animale was formed in 1987 by Suzanne de Lyon. When the company’s founder declared bankruptcy in 1990, Parlux purchased it. In 2004, they sold the brand to the Animale Group. Animale has a total of 21 perfumes, the first perfume was launched in 1987, while the latest perfume of Animale is in 2021. The nose behind all these perfumes is Steve DE Mercado, Caroline Sabas, Loc Dong, and Michel Gouges. Animale was the first perfume to be released, and it contained notes of coriander, green notes, hyacinth, neroli, bergamot, Brazilian rosewood, honey, carnation, orris root, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lily-of-the-valley, rose, patchouli, musk, coconut, civet, oakmoss, and vetiver. Animal for Men was released in 1993. Freesia, citruses, neroli, juniper berries, lavender, geranium, leather, oakmoss, and vetiver are among the notes. Animale and Animale men were other perfumes introduced by Animale. The year was 1993, and Animale made a huge comeback into the fragrances world.

 The men’s perfume has quite refreshing notes and was very much liked by the consumers. The note of the perfume includes pineapple, nutmeg, honey, patchouli, lavender, musk, galbanum, vanilla, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lime, sandalwood, tobacco, rose, and lemon, amber, lily-of-the-valley, cedar. The women’s perfume was also very competitive and the notes include the best-selected aromas including citruses, oak moss, freesia, bergamot, and peach. This made these scents a marvelous smell and Animale proved its worth to be a competitive fragrance brand in the market. Some of the fast moving fragrances are Animale perfume for women and Animale Cologne for men.

The latest perfume of Animale is Animale Temptation for Men and Animale Temptation for Women in 2021. These perfumes grab good attention among both men and women. The notes used in men’s perfume include cypress, musk, tonka bean, sandalwood, woody notes, nutmeg, lavender, and lemon. This made the perfume much more attractive and long-lasting as well. The women’s perfume includes the perfect blend of musk, pear, bergamot, vanilla, sandalwood, lily of the valley, gardenia, and jasmine. This is a very settled and sophisticated aroma for women.