Alfred Sung Fragrances for Women and Men in Canada

SUNG ALFRED SUNG is a fluorescent perfume that originates with green flowery touches. Is a globally accepted and well-appreciated stylist from Canada. He has received numerous awards for his creative expressions in the turf of fragrances and fashion. He symbolizes a classy cleanness, with a dosage of classicism remarkable in his designs. He said: I like beauty and what can be more beautiful than to see a woman on her wedding day.

As an exceptional artist, he deliberates a collection of wedding dresses in all likely forms and figures, romantic, silhouette-like, elegant, and classic to luxuriant. With all his creations he furnishes to the whole presence of a to-be bride, with the matching fragrances and jewelry.

Perfumes with his signature originate in a precise way. Thrilled with natural, elegant form and simplicity, he makes a rhapsody of notes that totally fits in the picture of flawless harmony.

Some of his Perfumes amplify the day of the wedding with equally their name and work — Jewel, Forever, Pure, and the conformations of all perfumes of his designer house are motivated with a stream and passage of energy. Its capability to make internal stability and flawless harmony.

Buy Alfred Sung fragrances at at affordable prices. Alfred Sung has 19 fragrances in our perfume shop. The original version was made in 1986 and the latest is from in 2009. Alfred Sung perfumes were created in partnership with Dragoco, perfumers Clement Gavarry, James Krivda, Ilias Ermenidis, and David Apel.