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The Christian Dior Perfume for Women is the well known perfume brand in fashion industry. When we talk about The biggest fashion company in the world creates and manufactures jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, leather goods, footwear, and timepieces. In 1947, Christian Dior unveiled miss Dior for women, the brand’s debut scent. Christian Dior sells fragrances for both men and women. At great prices, we offer a wide selection of Christian Dior colognes and scents. There are following perfumes by Christian Dior which gives you  classy effect on your Christmas.

Dior Dune women perfume

Dior Dune women perfume
Dune perfume

If you like fragrance which giving you the feel of floral or fruity fee, then Dior Dune Perfume for women must be your choice in this Christmas. This perfume has high notes of black currant and mandarin orange. These two fruity notes give a great smell of fresh impression of citrus and grape vine, and you must love the scent just in first impression.

The heart notes of the perfume include lotus, jasmine and freesia. These floral notes just creating a calumny and soothing effect to your nerves. The base notes of the perfume include vanilla, musk and sandalwood. These base notes is not just blending perfectly the top and heart notes if the perfume but also giving this perfume a spicy woody touch to make it a perfect perfume for calming environment.

Similar to the Dune Dior Perfume for Women, Dune Sun comes in a hazy glass bottle housed in a yellow-and-blue box. A 100 ml EDT bottle of Dune Sun, a summer scent without alcohol with a flowery and fruity composition, was introduced in 2003. Blue sky and yellow sand form the horizon while Dior Dune Sun waits to be touched and felt.

Addicted Dior Perfume for women

Christian Dior Addicted
Dior Addicted

The floral-chocolate accord of first date gifts a bouquet of jasmine, rose, and orange flower; and vanilla absolute, tonka bean, coconut, and almond is the foundation of Floriental Dior Addict, an almost-amber scent (sandalwood replaces patchouli and benzoin). I have no idea how to create this mouthwatering chocolate appearance.

Dior addicted perfume has launched in 2002, and it was the perfume which make Dior to came out from its boundaries in online Canada perfumes. The intense addictive advertisement of the perfume was a risky experiment, but Dior did it in a fine way. This top notes of the perfume, Mandarin Leaf Blackberry and Silk tree blossom.

A mature scented impression of the perfume is due to these notes. The heart notes of the perfume include Night blooming Cereus, rose, Orange Blossom and jasmine. The floral heart notes cresting a perfect after effect of the perfume to drive your addictive of this smell.

The base notes of the perfume include Tonka Bean, Mysore Sandalwood and Vanilla. The perfect spicy woody notes of the perfect which make it last for longer time and settle the top and heart notes perfectly. flowery scent with overtones of amber. Rich and sensual, it inspires you to take courageous and forthright actions and gives you a sense of freedom and vigour.

Dior addictive sensual dark and addictive way of impression oof perfume s the real reason why this is the perfect perfume a classical female to smell addition of everyone.

Dolce Vita Dior Perfume for women

Dolce Vita Christian Dior Perfume.
Dolce Vita Perfume

The scent of happiness, Dolce Vita, brings to mind the carefree, uplifted recollection of riding in a convertible along the Italian Riviera. It embodies the spirit of Dior Perfume for Women in all its opulence and is a dazzlingly feminine, happy fruity/floral scent with spicy, sensuous undertones of cedar. the top notes of the perfume include peach, rose, Lilly, Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Cardamon.

The heart notes of this perfume is mostly floral woody includes Cinnamon, Apricot, Brazilian Rosewood, Lily, Heliotrope and Magnolia. All these notes together made this perfume a mesmerizing smell for females. The base notes of the perfume include coconut, cedar, vanilla and sandalwood. Dolce Vita perfume is one of the most liked Canada perfume by women.

The beautiful characteristic of juniper is its potently spiciness combined with a crisp, clear edge. It results in a vibrant, new experience. That perfectly encapsulates this lovely scent, which transports you to a wide-open mental space decorated with wonderful flowers and exotic woods.

The bottle has a regal appearance and is tall and elegant. It has ridges and a tapered base, and because of its shape, it makes me think of a stout woman. So, whenever considering about the perfect classy smell on your Christmas night, Dolce Vita perfume by Christian Dior will be at top of the list.

Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle Perfume

This is an excellent alternative for those who find the original Hypnotic Poison to be too powerful for them. I favor the original a lot. and this scent simply brings them both together. Despite the fact that this one is lovely, I cannot imagine favoring it above the original. This is a bit softer and more delicate than other heavier fragrances, so don’t expect it to live up to your expectations.

Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle, a new Dior Perfume for Women, offers an entirely new level of olfactory magic. Without Damascus rose, the vanilla scent would not be revived by the velvety soft petals of the vanilla orchid, which are surrounded by delicious aromas. Demachy uses ylang-ylang extract in place of Sambac jasmine, and orange blossom absolute adds a rich, beautiful, and sensual fragrance. Tuberose and vanilla are used in this composition to evoke the flavor of delectable fruit notes, while the aroma of freshness is conveyed by the green leaves and stem.

Creamy traces of sandalwood and musk, which are as harmonious as a woman’s siluette, are included in the basis of Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle. Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle by Dior Perfume for Women, a brand-new seductive fragrance, comes in 50 and 100 ml sizes.

The original’s creamy root-beer quality is still present, but this version has more of an orangey-vanilla flavour. However, I’m not sure if I’ll feel the need to purchase a bottle as long as I have access to the original Hypnotic Poison.